Chan meditation, chi gong and Chinese tea

The cost of the route to get Shaolin Temple
W e proud to show different places of dengfeng city for our students. This time the was visit kind of lost Temple in another side of shaoshi mountain. Abbot of this temple help us find best place for make qigong and drink tea. We have a pray to buddha and just have a good time there.
Q igong is a work with energy. At first glance, it seems very simple work and looks like a simple charge, but in fact the work takes place inside and brings very energy.
A fter practice in mountains. After deep breathing we have taste a fresh oloong tea from famous tea shop in Dengfeng. We have meditative talks and exchange our knowledge about everything. Students from France, Ukraine and Russia together in China for rise up kungfu skills and spiritual experience.
A fter practice in the middle of a day we have a lunch in home restaurant which some local people say about cafes like this "mama fan". Which meant the food prepared by mother. Restaurant is the house where the family lives. We seem to come to visit. Hospitable hosts prepare food for us: they roll noodles and cook fresh vegetables.

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