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We tried to make our school as comfortable as possible and didn't let conditions to influence your  trainings. Now kung fu trainings have become more comfortable. This is especially important for beginners.

I have traveled a lot, so I know your habits, your comfort zone. Indeed, there are people who are frightened by the conditions which are especially noticeable for those of you who came to China for the first time. I want to say that now in our school you can find comfortable large beds and clean furnishings; every room has a shower with hot water; every room with a toilet. I know that these are  things that you are used to at home, but in China, particularly here in Dengfeng, they are not enabled by default. Now you can imagine how it is hard to live without all these things, but don't worry because now we have everything you excpected to find here.

Double room from ¥150 per day

Air conditioning, WIFI, personal desk

We have a limited number of double rooms. Why?

This is due to the fact that we want to keep the comfort in a room and during trainings. After all, this way we limit the maximum number of students, and therefore I can pay enough attention to every foreign student. For me it is important, so this allocation of space has been chosen chosen on the basis of an empirical research. Only when you will enter a group, when every member in it will get on well with others very well, in this case, I believe, a third person won't harm the quality of the training.


beds room


rooms available

Triple room From ¥150 / per day

Air conditioning, WIFI

Triple accommodation is the same in the level of comfort

Similarly, there is a separate toilet and shower with a hot water, clean furnishings, and there is an air conditioning. Also in the room is a wireless internet for connection with relatives. Since we are a martial arts school,  I want to pay your attention to the fact that we consider living as a sleeping place, and not as a day room. As I've said before, we try to accommodate students in double rooms, so please check the vacancies in advance, especially in summer.


beds room


rooms available

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