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Entry into China is carried out under the visa regime, but the process of obtaining it is not very difficlult. Getting a visa for entering to China has small specificities for each country of departure. Below we give a few key points that you should know.

What type of visa you have to choose?

  • If you plan to arrive for a period of less than one month, then the usual tourist visa will suit you.
  • If you plan to arrive for a period of less than three months, then you will be assisted by a business visa or a business visa with multiple entry. This type of visa, in order to extend the period of stay, will have to leave the country and re-enter, Hong Kong is often used for this.
  • If you do not like the prospect of driving in and out and want to arrive for more than three months, then you can make a study visa. To obtain a study visa to China, you need to request an invitation from us, where you can apply for a visa for up to 6 months.

For a summer seminar (up to several months) you can issue a tourist or business visa (do not confuse it with a work visa). This visa does not require invitations or other documents from the Chinese side.

For more information about different kinds of visa, see the official website

To apply for a visa, you must provide the original documents, as it applies to invitations in the case of a student visa

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