The cost of the route to get Shaolin Temple

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The cost of travel to Shaolin. From what city to get faster and what is more convenient.

If the tickets are not very profitable and you plan to use train from Beijing to Zhengzhou, we note that the approximate cost of a ticket on the fast train, which we recommend, is about 330RMB 3 hours

Next, from Zhengzhou to go buses to the city of Dengfeng where actually is the Shaolin Temple — 30-50RMB journey 2 hours

The bus is a convenient way to get to the city of Dengfeng, but if you are traveling to China for the first time and not know the language, we can organize a meeting with aircraft in Zhengzhou for a fee equal to

the transfer from Zhengzhou Airport can be arranged by us or you can take a taxi in the airport yourself, it will cost about 500RMB in


fare Heading
30RMB ✈ Airport Beijing 🚉 Railway Station Beijing
330RMB 🚉 Railway Station Beijing 🚉 Railway Station Zhengzhou
30-50RMB 🚌Bus terminal Zhengzhou 🚌 Bus terminal Dengfeng
30RMB 🚌 Bus terminal Dengfeng 🚕 Shi Yanchen wushu School of Shaolin kung fu


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  1. Lee zhong han says:

    We have to pay for the study in there or it is free school…? Like schoolareship..

    • Shifu says:

      Hello dear Lee Zhong Han.
      We dont provide scholarship, we a traditional Shaolin Gong Fu school lokated in Songshan Mountains. If you want to join us, you can submit form for room and and we will email you back for next step.

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