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The daily routine at the school of Shaolin kung fu

How to get to Shaolin Temple
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It is mainly composed of training time, meal time and rest time. From dusk till dawn, as precepts say. So, in the summer we usually wake up at 5 am and in the winter at 6 am. You can see the approximate schedule on the page.

The main goal of one who studies here is to strengthen the body and spirit. He must train from dawn till dusk and can’t stop his training everytime he wants.

Presepts of the Shaolin Monastery

What kind of food at the school of Kung Fu?

Of course, when we talked so much about physical training, you want to know what you will eat. I often hear from foreign students that our kind of nutrition is called healthy and useful in their countries. I’m not going to say whether or not it is appropriate for you, but I will tell you what is included in every meal.

In the morning, for breakfast, it is usually an egg, soup or cereal based on rice, wheat or corn, vegetables. At lunch, the main dish is most often noodles or rice in various forms, and vegetables. For dinner, a broth and vegetables. And during every mealtime we provide traditional buns, which we bake by ourselves.

We are at the foot of the Songshan mountains, away from the city, so we have our own vegetable garden and we are engaged in cultivation. Also, working in the garden is a good practice that allows to instill a love of work in students and it is bringing up many other good qualities in them. We find some time to teach students how to sow and harvest. Before the meal we usually say the following words:


Chú hé rì dāng wǔ
hàn dī hé xià tǔ
shuí zhī pán zhōngcān
lì lì jiē xìng kǔ
jiéyuē guāngróng làngfèi kěchǐ

  • 5:00 Time to wake up
  • 5:15 Morning workout
  • 7:10 Breakfast
  • 8:30 Training sessions *
  • 12:00 Lunch *
  • 14:30 Training with master
  • 17:30 Dinner
  • 19:00 Evening Workout
  • 20:30 Sleeping time starts

* Classes: There may be differences here. For instance, in an intensive course, training with a master, as usual, provides according to what your preferences: Chinese language lessons, calligraphy or excursion. Usually this is a training session.
After lunch — free time. Free time is most often a daytime dream

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